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IT Security Guidance and SharePoint > ITSG-33 Visio Process Library
Visio Diagrams ITSG-33 Security Process Library

ITSG-33 Annex 2 Processes - Enables viewing and refreshing of Visio Web Drawings.  ITSG-33 Annex 2 Processes

Refresh Disabled
Enable refresh if you trust the contents of this file.
Enable (this session)
Enable (always)
Improve Your Experience Web Drawings load faster and look clearer when Silverlight is installed.Install Microsoft Silverlight
Shape Information
Select a shape to view its associated hyperlinks and data.
No hyperlinks.
Shape Data
No shape data.
Visio Services was unable to load this Web Drawing because the Web Drawing URL web part setting does not refer to an existing .VDW file or you do not have permissions to view it. To resolve this issue, verify that the Web Drawing URL refers to an existing .VDW file that you have permissions to view.