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SharePoint 2010 ITSG-33 Site Template Now Available!

The IT Security Guidance Canada ITSG-33 SharePoint Site Template Solution delivers the following features and functions:

- ITSG-33 security project management Dashboard with Departmental Project, ITSG-33 Project, Project Milestones, and Tasks incorporated into a management dashboard to track work assignments, task days, and budget allocation vs expended. The ITSG-33 Dashboard keeps management in the know about the status of the security review and implementation project from a Key Performance Indicator perspective.

- A collaborative environment within which all security related tasks and staff members can work together to share information while they ensure their projects and solutions are more secure. Accountability is assured by individual security assurance task assignments and compliance accountability.

- All required ITSG-33 process diagrams are interated within the solution so that Security Practitioners can easily navigate the ITSG-33 work processes and locate the input and ouput information and documents they need in order to successfully complete the project.

- Large reference Knowledge Base of all TBS and CSEC related guidance, standards, and policy documents.

- Document management features to ensure integrity of the information being worked on in a collaborative environment.  

- Email and SMS alert notifications as security issues are identified and escalated through the Security Issue Tracking system.

- ITSG-33 Compliance Site included so that your department can ensure it is meeting TBS guidelines.

- Security Task Feedback and Approval workflows enabled depending on your version of SharePoint 2010.

- Harmonized Threat Risk Assessment SharePoint Site Template included for free. 

- Ongoing support.

- Two ways to purchase:

     - Purchase the SharePoint 2010 ITSG-33 Site Template Solution and install it on your own. The SharePoint 2010 ITSG-33 Site Template Solution is leased to your organization on an annual basis. Each year your organization needs to renew its software usage lease agreement for each SharePoint Site the organization has implemented using the SharePoint ITSG-33 Site Template. Annual usage lease and support fees apply. 

     - Have implement the solution at your location by using THS, TBITS, or PSOnline Professional Services and you own the implemented solution belongs to your department for unlimited use (it cannot be shared with other Government of Canada Departments). This approach will allow us to customize the SharePoint ITSG-33 solution to better suit your individual department requirements. zCustomized Government of Canada Departmental specific solutions are available per organization. The implementation is charged through Professional Services and your department owns the solution once implemented with no further fees.      

Please contact us directly at or 613-833-0984 for more information.