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I've been a Learning Tree International Instructor and Author since 1993 and believe they are one of the best learning development partner organizations in the world. The following is a list of their IT/IM security related courses.

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 Security Courses

Our Cyber Security training courses provide you with the skills you need to maintain the IT security and integrity of your organizations' networks. Learn cyber security from an introductory level to in-depth issues. Plus, prep for in demand certifications such as CISSP, Security+ and the EC-Council's CEH certification. Take our cyber security training online or from one of our centers.
You Will Learn How To:
Analyze your exposure to security threats and protect your organization's systems and data
Deploy firewalls and data encryption to minimize threats
Assess alternative user and host authentication mechanisms
Manage risks emanating from inside the organization and from the Internet
You Will Learn How To:
Fortify your network perimeter to provide an integrated defense
Prevent or mitigate the effects of network attacks with a firewall
Detect and respond to network attacks with Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP)
Design, install and configure secure Virtual Private Networks
Mitigate the impact of Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks
You Will Learn How To:
Enforce security policies to protect sensitive data from internal and external threats
Deploy Network Access Control to prevent malware contamination
Implement Data Loss Prevention (DLP) through host–based IDS/IPS and endpoint encryption
Regulate USB devices and optimize anti–malware
You Will Learn How To:
Defend against social engineering deceptions that threaten organizational security
Plan and evaluate security assessments for human weaknesses
Promote vigilance and implement procedures to defeat deceptions
Mitigate personnel vulnerabilities with security awareness
Measure your organization’s preparedness for attacks
You Will Learn How To:
Implement a standards–based, proven methodology for assessing and managing the risks to your organization's information infrastructure
Apply Operational Risk Management (ORM) to information systems
Institute actionable security mechanisms with measurable results
Select and tailor security controls that satisfy requirements
Maintain an acceptable security posture over the system life cycle
You Will Learn How To:
Perform the essential duties of a Forensic Examiner
Prepare for and execute digital forensic investigations on Windows-based systems
Apply forensic methodologies to preserve, acquire, extract and analyze information of investigative importance
Identify and analyze key Windows artifacts of investigative importance
ated courses.